• Estate administration & probate -Is your first reaction to call a solicitor?

    Posted on February 4, 2017 by in Estate Administration, Probate

    If the answer is ‘yes’, then you wouldn’t be alone.  However, would you be surprised to know that a ‘specialist’ high street solicitor may only deal with a handful of estates each year and go months without working on one?  And would you expect them to charge fees that are thousands of pounds more expensive than a specialist firm who has administered over 7000 estates?

    Unlike solicitors or banks that charge high hourly rates or a standard fee of between 3% – 8% of the estate value, estate administration specialist Kings Court Trust charge a fixed price that is agreed up front before any commitment is made by the client.

    And in this case, fixed means fixed – there are no additional costs for things such as legal disbursements and the fee is guaranteed not to change based on the information you provide.

    Their comprehensive service offers great value for money and you can expect their fixed and guaranteed fee to be around 15% cheaper than the industry average, meaning more of the estate can be inherited by the beneficiaries. Why waste money if you don’t need to?

    But it’s not all about costs, they offer many other benefits too:

    • There is no deposit to pay as their fees are paid from the estate later in the process
    • They take full legal and financial liability for the administration of the estate
    • They look after the final income tax return as well as any Inheritance Tax work
    • They provide immediate building insurance cover from the date they are appointed
    • They provide a dedicated point of contact so you deal with the same person throughout the process
    • They have an online case tracking system available 24/7 so you can see at a glance what stage they are at are in the process
    • They provide the peace of mind that comes with using a regulated service provider

    Believe it or not they can even take care of rehoming pets!  All this and more is provided as part of their guaranteed fixed fee.

    As an appointed representative of Kings Court Trust, City & Country Financial Services will put you in touch with them to ensure you get your own case worker throughout.  We believe the service offered by Kings Court Trust is second to none.  They are certainly the only company offering an online case management system and as a regulated service provider are regularly compliance checked – why would you go anywhere else?