• Just because you’re dead does not stop banks and lawyers making a fortune from you.

    Posted on February 7, 2017 by in Estate Administration, Probate, Will Writing Service

    Each year Britain’s high street banks and solicitors pick up a massive £1.25bn in fees for sorting out the probate and estate administration on people’s Wills. Often they will only deal with a small number of these a year, maybe 10 – 20 and they charge a percentage of the Estate regardless of the work involved.  In addition to the percentage charge, which can be up to 8% of the value of the Estate, they will also charge, an hourly rate, a fee for each letter plus disbursements such as court fees and to crown it all they charge VAT on top! plus £325 an hour, plus £20 a letter, plus disbursements such as court fees plus VAT

    It’s no wonder people are disillusioned once they get the final bill, because they wouldn’t have known upfront what the overall cost would be.  This is NOT the case if you use Kings Court.  You will have a fixed price quotation upfront, a fee where fixed means fixed.  Further given they deal with over 1,500 cases each year, their fees are around 15% lower than those charged elsewhere.

    I would encourage you to compare their quote to charges offered by other providers such is my confidence in their service – but make sure the other providers are offering a full service and not just that of applying for the Grant of Probate, which is just a simple legal document! Also ask if there are any other incidental disbursements you are likely to incur.  I think the comparisons will more than surprise you.

    So if you are an Executor for an Estate of a loved one contact me to arrange a guaranteed  fixed price quotation for you.

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