• Writing Your Will – and what happens if you don’t….

    Posted on February 8, 2017 by in Will Writing Service

    Writing a Will is one of the most responsible things you can do and not something many people can face doing, but there are real and positive reasons for doing so.

    Did you know that without a Will :-
    1.  Everything you own will be shared out in a standard way defined by law
         and it could all go to the State
    2. The courts would decide who should take care of your children
    3. The courts would decide who should look after your Estate i.e. be your Executor(s)
    4.  If you are married your spouse’s inheritance could be limited
    5.  If you are co-habiting your lifetime partner could end up with nothing
    6.  Children from a previous relationship could end up with nothing too
    7.  You are likely to pay too much Inheritance Tax (currently 40%
    on the excess over your tax-free allowance of £325,000.
    Most properties these days are well above that allowance which could
    mean a sizeable Inheritance tax bill)
    8.  You won’t be able to provide for all those who are dependent on you
    9.  You will avoid family conflicts over who gets what
    In addition, you are leaving a real headache behind, for at a time of deep emotional upset.  Your family and friends will have to sort out your affairs and deal with any family disputes.
    So don’t delay, write your Will today!